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What is Verses?

Verses is an app that helps you memorize and meditate on Scripture.
Start slowly.

The first game, Tap to Reveal, helps you take in a new passage, phrase by phrase.

Take it in.

The Listen game engages more of your senses to help the passage stick. Listen and focus on the words as they are read to you.

Become familiar.
By now you've got a feel for the passage. Reorder helps you lock in the structure so you've got the basic outline down pat.
Move towards mastery.

Now you are ready to fill in some missing words. Word Bank starts easy and progressively removes more words from the passage.

Retain & apply.

Use Type Out to test your familiarity with a passage. Verses will track your memory accuracy and health.

Say it out loud.

Try Speak Out and recite the passage back verbally. Verses will grade your accuracy and track your progress as you go along.

Memorize where you are.


Verses for Classrooms.

Verses and classrooms go hand in hand. Teachers assign passages, track progress, and view grades. Students get to memorize together while playing fun games. It's a win win.
Assign passages to students & set due dates.

Pick the passages you want your class to memorize. Group them together in sections and add context for deeper understanding.

Track memorization progress and  health.
Grading worksheets takes time. Checking a student's current memory health on Verses is a breeze.
9 translations available!

Easy to set up. Easy to manage.

The Verses dashboard is simple and intuitive. You can get started today for free.
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Verses Free
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KJV included for free.
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"Best tool for memorizing scripture I've ever found."
"Highly recommend @learnverses app. Really awesome. Fun way to memorize scripture."